Invent a smoothie

Class 6 have invented a new smoothie today!

We tried a few different kinds of fruit and picked three different ones to peel, chop and blend. We then sieved the smoothie to remove the lumps.

Some of the words used to describe how the drink tasted were

yummy lush fruity rough nutritious


Why don’t you try and make it at home? What words would you use to describe it?



We used

3 tangerines

2 pears

1/2 tin of pineapple


Can you invent your own smoothie? Bring your recipe to me and maybe we could try and make it at school.

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Recipe of the month

This tasty recipe has been chosen by Grant.

Click here for the recipe boston beans

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Gardening News

Mrs Jay has worked so hard in Robins Rest and today, with a team of helpers, relined the pond. First we had to empty it into paddling pools, just in case there were any fish, before taking off the old lining.

We discovered so many creatures that had made their home around the edge of the pond but we were happy to not find any fish in the pond. (they would eat the Newt eggs)

Our next job was to put carpet in the bottom of the pond before adding the new lining. We then filled it back up with the old dirty pond water.


DSCF0469                                   DSCF0471


       DSCF0476                             DSCF0482                              

DSCF0487                                DSCF0490


DSCF0491                              DSCF0494

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Cooking with Class 8

I have had a great 4 weeks cooking with class 8. We have found out that it is important to follow instructions carefully.

We thought you might enjoy making some delicious cookies just like we have.

You will need

150g plain flour

50g  caster sugar

100g butter

Oven needs to be set at 170c, 325f or gas mark 3

1. Put all the ingredients into a bowl.

2. Rub it all together by rubbing the mixture between your thumbs and fingertips.

3. Make a ball when the mixture looks crumbly to make a ball of dough.

4. Roll dough into little balls and put them on a baking tray.

5. Gently squash the balls with a fork

6. Bake them in the oven for 15- 2- minutes.

Enjoy cooking and eating!

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New Kitchen

We have had a wonderful new kitchen installed over the Summer holiday in the hall. Two children have already been busy picking blackberries and raspberries for our school garden and making fruit crumble. Class 4 were the lucky tasters and said it was delicious.

If you would like to make your own then you will need:-

Serves 4–6
2 large cooking apples
100g blackberries
1 x 15ml spoon sugar
50g margarine OR butter
200g plain flour
100g caster sugar

1. Preheat the oven to 180°C/160°C fan or gas mark 4.
2. Peel and chop the apples into small 2cm pieces.
Wash the blackberries.
3. Place the fruit into the bottom of the ovenproof dish
and sprinkle with sugar.
4. Now make the crumble topping. If using butter,
chop into 2cm pieces. Place the butter or margarine
in a mixing bowl with the flour.
5. Using clean hands, rub the butter or margarine
into the flour until it looks like breadcrumbs. Stir in
the sugar.
6. Scatter the crumble mixture on top of the fruit.
7. Place in the middle shelf of the oven and bake for
30–40 minutes until the crumble topping is golden.
8. When cooked, remove from the oven using
oven gloves.

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I was so impressed by class 1’s mushroom growing skills.

It was also very tasty. We sauted it in a little bit of butter and ate it with French bread.   YUM!

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Cooking Club

I am looking forward to starting cooking club next term. I have planned the sessions and we will be making lots of delicious food.

Hopefully we will be able to spend 4 weeks cooking and 2 weeks in the garden. Lets hope spring appears soon!

All the classrooms are busy growing plants and we will hopefully be able to replant them outside soon. I cant wait to taste class 4’s Borlotti Beans!

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Welcome to Let’s Get Cooking

We have an exciting term planned for Let’s Get Cooking and we are joining forces with the gardening club. Over the half term break we spent time in the school garden preparing the vegetable plot with the help from parents and children.All the classrooms are helping too by growing mushrooms, and starting off our beans , spinach, turnips and leeks.

Our plan is to use the vegetables we grow to make some lovely nutritious meals eg spinach mushroom and onion lasagne, carrot and coriander soup, mushroom Stroganoff and fruit crumbles to name but a few.

Cooking/gardening club will be held after school on a Wednesday and is for parents with their child. There are limited spaces so if you are interested please talk to the office. Sessions will start on 17/4/13.

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